Saving the Environment

From the first moment of conceptualisation of Meike’s Guesthouse 17 years ago, we knew that we would want to develop it with the environment in mind. Recycling, alternative energies in terms of photovoltaic systems and solar geysers, as well as supporting the local communities were on top of the list.
In 2007 we received our first prize for ‘energy efficiency in tourism in urban areas’. The awards were sponsored by a project run by Namibia and Denmark.

Since 2013 all of our water has been heated by the sun. The photovoltaic system for energy production was constructed in 2013 as well.
The electricity created is either used directly or stored in the grid. In December 2017 the photovoltaic system was extended and now produces around 16KW of electricity. This covers approximately 95% of our annual power usage.

As a result, our CO2 footprint has decreased by a considerable amount.
In 2014, Meike’s Guesthouse received an ‘Eco-Mate Certificate’ from the City of Swakopmund.
This and many other factors contributed to us receiving three flowers in 2011 from the ‘Eco Awards Namibia’. In 2014 we earned an additional flower and in 2017 we received our fifth flower and we are proud to be the first guesthouse in Namibia to obtain such a qualification.

In the below interactive graphs you can observe the current production as well as usage of the power created by the photovoltaic system. This can also be compared to monthly and annual stats below.